Thursday, December 30, 2010

nodding dogs and valium

My tippity top New Year's resolution is to kick this blog back into high gear. More photos, a few interviews here and there, more absurdly long treatises (mostly on menswear, funnily enough). But it wouldn't have been right not to post something today, as I'd be doing a disservice to the man who gave this blog a name.

Rowland S. Howard: jerking guitar genius, misanthropic poet (in his own words, "I've got no companions, only CĂ©line's on my side"), sadly dismissed as merely a right-hand man to those more famous.

He was a bitter, cruelly romantic, otherworldly genius on his own merit. Rowland S. Howard will be missed.
24 October 1959 – 30 December 2009

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