Friday, June 18, 2010


So here we are. Real Fashion Blogging, where the internet is perhaps more intimidating than real life. For one, I think I look significantly better in person than in photos. For two, does the blogosphere (a word I'm shocked doesn't elicit the red underline of death) need another borderline hipster goth with close-cropped hair and a penchant for giant, unwieldy wedges? Hopefully, I can convince you yes.

I currently work as a writer for, covering NYC events, fashion news, and people who are taller and richer than I am. Before this, I was a professional music industry hanger-on, shooting gigs for IAMX, Jarvis Cocker, the Black Lips, Matt & Kim, Miss Kittin & the Hacker, and others; making a not-so-superstar appearance among 30 others in Patrick Wolf's "Hard Times" video (that said, he quite liked me afterwards); and goading tour managers into photo passes and soundchecks--getting a lot of beer poured on me, climbing over stage barriers, and crushing a few of my own teenage dreams in the process. I had a moderately successful college radio show at Oberlin called Methods of Dance, covering the best and most disparate tastes in 70's and 80's electronic music (and, later on, a lot of cheating because I liked them, damn it; just because they're from the early 80's doesn't mean that anyone would mistake the Birthday Party for a synth band). I stumbled into the fashion industry through a mix of encyclopedic, often unnecessary knowledge of trends, influences, and decades past, and what old-timers call gumption.

This will not be a "what I wore today" blog. That would become rather boring, since I rotate three pairs of pants, some shorts, a dress or two, and an absurd amount of tops every week (all in dazzling monochrome). I'll be fusing my interests in fashion, music, feminism, and Putting That Comparative Literature Major to Good Use, God Damn It--lots of conspicuous consumption and cultural theory punctuated by the occasional "gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl" and Kylie Minogue song.

So let's see where this takes us.

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