Friday, June 25, 2010

menswear milan, AKA flapping my hands with glee at burberry

Sometimes, I get more excited by menswear than I do womenswear. Perhaps it's because Men's Fashion Week has the added bonus of adorable male models (a little superficiality never hurt anyone) with razor-sharp cheekbones and skinny little waists; more often it's because, since I dress relatively androgynously in my day-to-day life, there's always at least a jacket, a top, or some shoes for me to covet. If I run through a list of my favorite designers or fashion inspirations (see: 1920's, the early 80's), they're all into a little gender-bending, lots of leather, and killer draping--perfect for my ruler-shaped body.

I'm late on Milan, obviously. To be honest, I only looked at a few of the collections; Paris has taken my heart already, and there'll be many more posts dedicated to my perennial favorites. But there were definitely three of note, and here's the best of the best...

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Studded leather. Need I say more?
I've already heard complaints from the holier-than-thou goth old guard...a luxury brand co-opting OUR style? Fuck you, man! It's a lifestyle! The only people who would pay $6000 for a PRE-STUDDED leather jacket are braindead fashionistas, okay?
Meh. I'm bothered by it too; it's kind of infuriating when you're swept up in a fleeting hipster craze when you've been dressing like this (and on a significantly tighter budget) since you were 15, and your prized leather smells like years-old stale beer. Tragic indeed. Fashion will always co-opt youth cult movements, and by the time you're done raging, it'll be something else. I'd rather bask in the loveliness of it all--the military and biker inspirations are spot-on, the tailoring, as expected from Christopher Bailey and ol' Booberry, is impeccable, and THIS BAG. THIS BAG, THIS BAG, THIS BAG. Quite frankly, I want to roll around with it and give it big hugs. I think it's worth the risk of injury.

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