Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my haircut 100, givenchy, and the greatest shoes i've ever seen (today)

First, big, gratuitous photo-op thumbs up to Jamie Lynn at Birds and Fellas, who beat the heat and my own delirium yesterday to give me a kick-ass haircut. Say goodbye to my thick ol' Liza mess. Seriously, if she can interpret my vague hair desires (such as "I want to dye it black...but...y'know, not black.") this well, she's a godsend. Taking the 'do out for a spin tonight.

Secondly, couture week is here. Really, there are only two designers I look out for every year, and that's Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy. John Galliano at Dior is always going to do the same damn makeup (though his floral gowns were exquisite) and Karl Lagerfeld's gonna bring in some opulent behemoth, like an iceberg or some golden lions or shit. JPG this year--although his casting is some of the best in the business, an amazing variety--was so classic JPG that it turned out a bit predictable and tame. Where's the crazy Mexican inspiration from the last show?! So let's move on to the always amazing Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy.

Exquisite. My heart was broken late last month when Tisci announced he would no longer be doing couture runway shows. Then I very quickly realized that this doesn't matter one bit, since 1. I'm not going to couture season any time soon, and 2. he would still be doing presentations, and I would still be able to swoon over photos. I'm so captivated by his work at Givenchy, he's always the man to beat--the unbelievable psychedelia of Spring 2010 RTW (THOSE SHOES THAT BLAZER), the bizarre, almost erotic Renato Zero-inspired jumpsuits of his last couture show...he's man of incredible detail and concept.

A bit of Frida Kahlo and a whole lot of skeleton, Tisci created ten impossibly dreamy looks--impeccable detail in heavy beading, stone work, giant gold belts, feathers, lace made up a collection that was ethereally feminine with a little toughness (Givenchy's signature). It's romantic, and I'm ooh-ing over every detail shot.

Speaking of incomprehensible gasping:

These unbelievable, gravity-defying stalactite shoes are concept wedges from Helen Furber's Icica line. As usual, I want what I can't have--they're part of a project, sponsored by Y-3, Studio Van der Graaf and Natureally Organic Leather, challenging the traditional footwear product life-cycle. See how they're made here.

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  1. I understan that it's good to have a style that represents every designer, but it's truth what you wrote about Dior -of course about John Galliano- the dresses, yes, they were beautiful, but you really start to get boring of "the same", he's very talented, no doubt about it, but I feel like the fashion world beggins to ask and request for "something more".

    With respect to Karl Lagerfeld, well, I think he tried so hard to change, and I am sorry for his fashion followers, but a lot of his pieces were not... ¿Attractive?

    Anyway, I'm just a fashion follower, so my opinion really doesn't count anywhere... But I definitley enojoy telling my point of view.

    By the way, I like your haircut, I would like to make it short too, but I am so afraid.
    And your blog is really good, I like your ideas and what you write about fashion.

    Ps: Excuse my english please, I'm still learning.