Wednesday, September 22, 2010

acne spring/summer 2011

The Atacoma. The Admire. Those Swedes at Acne sure know their way around a statement-making shoe.

warning: by clicking this photo you acknowledge that feet are ugly

So is this the shoe we'll all be sporting come Spring 2011? This bizarre hybrid between Japanese Okobo sandals and an orthopedic wedge? As if the market wasn't already crowded with impossible footwear (the sickle-shaped Nina Ricci boots, Alexander McQueen's now infamous armadillo heels) and the cultural theory that comes with them--masochism? A strange relationship between economic crisis and heel height? (I wish I were kidding, although no one can seem to provide a reason why beyond a need for "escapism." Perhaps market analysts never took a high school psychology class, because correlation doesn't equal causation. That said, QI just told me that skirts get shorter during times of economic at least both aren't happening at the same time.)

Crisis or not, I'll pass. Interesting, though, that the Burberry stilettos were a model's undoing (1. I feel like a sadistic bitch posting this video, 2. Annie Lennox's voice grates here, and 3. I still covet that spiked leather jacket, which is awesome considering the collection was pretty garish and mediocre) while Acne's, with seemingly no ankle support, glided with relative ease.

But on to the clothes. They've hit the nail on the head with this collection--loooooooooong, languid silhouettes, seemingly effortless layering, the perfect amount of slouch. I've had my eyes on a super-slim maxi skirt for a long time, and I'm in love with the leather jackets and vests studded with black freshwater pearls. How can something be so serene and nonchalant, yet so tough at the same time? Fashion journalism: the only field that allows such pretentious oxymorons.

I'm digging the teensy, alien-esque sunglasses too.


  1. tbh i was sort of underwhelmed by acne! though i guess i just want ALL JEANS, ALL LEATHER JACKETS, ALL ASSKICKING WEDGE BOOTS, ALL THE TIME, or go home. so possibly i'm not qualified to comment on this.

  2. nooooooooo! don't get me wrong, i love me a leather--it was burberry's only saving grace this season, ha--but i loved all of acne's crazy layering and exaggerated lengths. i couldn't wear it without looking stumpy (and i'm 5'8, fer chrissakes), but nonetheless!

    the shoes are definitely not great though.

  3. I don't like this type of sandals coz these are not comfortable always prefer comfortable shoes or sandals.These are beautiful just in look not in walk...